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    well the devil's nipping at your heels and this time it's for real a lonely hunger starts to gnaw as you wish away the pain of another desperate dead end day forever filled with sadness to forget about the pain you take your bottle, drink your grave chorus: singing hail, hail, the gangs all here. leave your worries at the door boy, they're not going anywhere hail, hail the gang's all here when teh going gets tough, i know my friends will still be there well you're walking down the road and the wind is in your face you're down and out and the unemployment line's a mile long the money in your pocket may not get you throught the day but cheer up son ii know a place where mugs like us belong chorus: pick your heart up off the ground though i'm sure it weights a ton you're no better or no worse than any mothers son though you're up against all odds and you're backed against the wall you recall the cheer, "the gan's all here" and shout! chorus:

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