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    come all you gallant heroes,
    and along with me combined
    i'll sing a song, it won't take long,
    of the fighting sixty ninth
    they're a band of men brave, stout and bold,
    from ireland they came
    and they have a leader to the fold,
    and cocoran was his name
    it was in the month of april,
    when the boys they sailed away
    and they made a sight so glorious,
    as they marched along broadway
    they marched right down broadway, me boys,
    until they reached the shore
    and from there they went to washington,
    and straight unto the war

    chorus: so we gave them a hearty cheer, me boys,
    it was greeted with a smile
    singing here's to the boys who feared no noise,
    we're the fighting sixty ninth

    and when the war is said and done
    may heaven spare our lives
    for its only then we can return,
    to our loved ones and our wives
    we'll take them in our arms, me boys,
    for a long night and a day
    and we'll hope that war will come no more,
    to sweet amerikay


    so farewell unto you dear new york,
    will i e'er see you once more
    for it fills my heart with sorrow,
    to leave your sylvan shore
    but the country now it is calling us,
    and we must hasten fore
    so here's to the stars and stripes, me boys,
    and to ireland's lovely shore
    and here's to murphy and devine,
    of honour and renown
    who did escort our heroes,
    unto the battle ground
    and said unto our colonel,
    we must fight hand to hand
    until we plant the stars and stripes,
    way down in dixieland


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