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    And so the story's told of a hearty group of men it's a tale of their triumphs and their woes. Be it raids and melees ancient or the modern
     worker's struggle that inspires men to stand up for their rights. And should we fall down by the wayside in this ever-changing world we
     can look back to these heroes of our past. With their staunch determination and ferocious iron will, no tyranny would quell them in their
     It's an age-old situation with an ever-present message: that time and tide waiteth for no man. So without fear of confrontation of the
     consequence of outcome, it's for freedom and for happiness they toiled. An in looking to the future, we can see a better place where we can
     shake the yoke of tyranny for all. It's been paved by generations who have gone now to their rest. It's just remembrance of their dignity we
     So come on rally round this brave and valiant cause with tradition, pride, and honor at its core. With swords drawn to defend stood stood
     these noble-hearted men Faugh-an-ballagh, clear the way, me boys!!  
     Under perilous conditions with small hope of success they left behind the lives that they once led and by virtue of their fortitude and
     single-minded strength they cleared the way for the people of today so when we think back to our ancestors respectfully we hark and
     thank the men whose struggle broke the chain it's a long road up ahead of us - let's forge on while we're strong and leave our mark of honor
     once again  
     So the story has been told and it comes now to an end. It's setting any era, any land. When abusive tyrants force the hands of matters
     great or small, it inpires men to stand up for their rights

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