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    Tammy flunked a test yesterday and all she does is cry
    if they kick her off the cheerleaders squad
    she knows she's gonna die
    she can't even go home at night because she is so afraid
    that her parents might ground her
    'cause she didn't make the grade
    now her friends won't understand they might even laugh at her,
    now she's feeling overwhelmed succumbing to the pressure
    so she wrote a little note and addressed it to her mom
    she said i hope this brings you peace
    pray for me until i'm gone.

    Lately something's wrong with jane she's always late for school
    she can't take another day of her girlfriends being cruel
    she's great on all the football fields ringing out all the cheers
    but in the halls of school she gets tormented by her peers
    as long as she's a cheerleader everything's gonna be alright
    but unlike all the othergirls she's home at friday nights
    just to be excepted once, was her one and only wish
    but she never was at all
    she sliced her lovely wrists.

    Marsha was a straight A girl on the cheerleadrs team
    everyone thought she was stupid
    always lost in a big dream
    and they named her shitt was stinging cause of the way that she would talk
    all the girls would laugh behind her back
    and the boys stopped the ball to mock
    and now she's feeling so bad she's refusing to speak
    her parents are a bit worried
    she hasn't spoken in a week
    it's like she's crying out for help and it seems she lost all hope
    her parents found her a day later hanging from a knotted rope.

    Nancy's got the worst of it because she's prettiest
    everyone thinks she's conceited she always looks her best
    she goes out with all the football guys and every one thinks she

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