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    face down in the gutter won't admit defeat though his clothes are soiled and black he's a big, strong man with a child's mind, don't you take his booze away! he's been at it for years drinkin' balls and beer he's a hero to most he meets but inside he cries black swollen eyes this man he sheds no tears now his wife & kids sing a different tune as they worry about their daddy dyin' but this arrogant fool breaks every rule it'll be nothing but pride that kills him chorus 2x could he listen no he won't that's all she wrote he'll be dead before the daylight shines but the thoughts and prayers of a million strong might keep this boy from dying he's a legend in the bar with every scar fights a thousand bigger men, but now he fights and looses got all the bruises will someone please step in? cause this irish fools got a great big heart he keeps climbing back in to the ring in the low down circles where he holds his court this man he once was king chorus2x verse 2 chorus 2x

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