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    It's time we stood up for ourselves so get up off your knees.
    We'll shake off our detractors and attain our hopes and dreams
    and if we fall prey to in-fighting, we're never gonna win,
    so put aside your differences, sing loud, sing proud

    We won't listen to their stories or be waylaid by their lies
    it's a dram that's still attainable for kids like you and I
    So if we all stand together singing one defiant song
    our voice will reach the heavens, so sing with all your heart

    Join us in a song
    we shall rise and sing stand up and be counted
    sing a song for liberty join us in this song
    together we shall sing rise up and be counted
    sing it loud, sing it proud

    We've been brutalized and crucified, the brunt of their attacks,
    is corruption not their trademark and compassion what they lack?
    If we can realize our common goals,
    the end of which is plain united and now stronger,
    their loss is now our gain!

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