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    In the town of Milton one
    Brian Flannigan battered away till his money was spent
    Then he hit a big one and felt like a man again,
    Bought a three decker with two floors for rent

    He threw a big party for friends
    And relations at a grand old place called Florian Hall
    And if you'll just listen I'll make your eyes glisten
    To the rows and the ructions of Flannigan's ball.

    Six long months I spent in quincy,
    Six long months doing nothing at all,
    Six long months I spent in quincy
    Learning to dance for Flannigan's ball
    I stepped out and I stepped in again,
    I stepped out and I stepped in again,
    I stepped out and I stepped in again
    Learning to dance for Flannigan's ball.

    Free beer on tap and wine for the ladies,
    Ziti and sauce for mark porzio
    There were faheys and bradys,
    Mcauliffes and daleys courtin the girls and dancing away.

    Brian tully sang out in his finest form,
    The patron's responded and I lead em all
    I'd spent 6 months at Forbes Academy
    Learning to dance for Flannigan's ball


    The boys were hammered the girls were hearty
    Dancing around in couples and groups
    An accident happened you Dennis Flemming
    Put his right leg through miss Finneran's hoops

    This gal she fainted and cried bloody murder,
    Called for her sons and gathered them all,
    Christopher swore he'd go no further
    Till he had revenge at Flannigan's ball


    In the midst of the melee
    Miss Collins fainted her cheeks by now were as red as a rose
    Some of the boys declared she was plastered
    Had a small drop to much I suppose

    Young Scotty Jenkins so big and able
    Saw his fair colleen stretched by the wall
    Tore the left leg from under the table
    And smashed all the dishes at Flannigan's ball

    Boy oh boy now this was a rumble myself
    Took a lick from mean Ricky Green
    But I soon replied to that fine introduction
    And gave him a terrible kick in the spleen

    Talent the piper nearly got strangled,
    They squeezed on his bellows, chanters and all,
    The girls in the middle nearly got trampled
    And that put an end to Flannigan's ball


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