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    Hey, I just gotta say
    Yeah yeah......Just tell me...

    Why did you have to lie?
    Can you hold your head up high?
    After all this time I'm not your fallback guy
    You didn't wanna 'Play'
    Baby, I won't take the blame
    That's why I must dismiss you
    I won't miss you
    Cause I don't intend on spending my whole life dreaming
    Ive been down that street before

    It was magic when we met
    And I never will forget
    Baby after all is said and done
    The dream is gone
    Cause I just don't understand
    We had the future in our hands
    Baby there's no way to carry on
    The dream is gone

    Who said that love was fair?
    It's gone beyond repair
    If you're thinking of taking me over
    Just don't go there
    I gave with all my heart
    But you tore it all apart
    Look how that silly love song
    Went so wrong
    Cause I've always known I'd go out on my own
    Guess it was just a matter of time


    Such a close harmony
    But we lost the beat
    And now we're so far apart, oh yes we are
    Now it's my destiny
    Be anything I wanna be
    We could have reached for the stars


    No turning back, no no
    Such a perfect dream come true
    I gotta say goodbye, goodbye
    You crossed the line and I don't need you by my side
    So long, the dream is gone!

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