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    Living live with your eyes closed
    Expect to fall and it's gonna hurt
    With my pain i've opened my eyes
    My tough luck has made me realize that

    This is my fight
    To get up and stand in the light
    Here I am
    Taking a stand
    Here I am
    This is my life, it's my life

    And as time slowly takes me away
    It's hurts just to watch as it pulls me
    Each and everyday
    So now's the time to turn my head on you and
    To take control
    And do what i want to do cause


    You want to know who I am
    Well there's too many of me to know
    But you can hear me, I know you will
    My soul spills out as my heart begins to spill
    If you can feel this the way i do
    Then you'll love it the way that i do

    [chorus 2x]

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