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    Been there, done that
    One time too many
    This time I'm hoping
    You won't come back to me, jenny
    Oh, when you get lonely, girl
    And you come on so sweet
    When things get better, baby
    You start to retreat

    So Jennifer goodbye (Goodbye)
    Don't wanna figure out why anymore (No more)
    Don't wanna be your fallback guy (Bye bye)
    I'm gonna take care of me (Jennifer goodbye)

    There's been many nights
    When the pain was so strong (What could I do now?)
    And I waited for your call
    All night long (Waiting for you now)
    Then you'd come back girl (Ooh...)
    With that look in your eyes (Ooh...)
    And I'd always forgive you, baby (Ooh...)
    When you'd apologize


    Lessons get learned the hard way, I guess
    Each time you'd walk away girl I was a mess
    (Jennifer goodbye)
    Crying the night away, I must confess
    I thought that you cared (Ooh...)
    But you couldn't care less (Goodbye, goodbye...)


    Don't come around with all your charms (Goodbye)
    Not gonna let you in my heart (No more)
    This time will be different, you'll see (Bye bye)
    'Cause I'm gonna take care of me (Jennifer goodbye)
    I'm gonna take care of me (Jennifer...)
    I'm gonna take care of me

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