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    I know that, you know that,
    I can't stop watching you

    I feel it, believe me
    I know you feel it to
    Oh oh..yeah

    There's something about me
    that you don't know about
    I'm someone that somehow
    you seem to be without

    is it so hard to see that I'm not invisible
    feel like a fly on the wall

    So if I get a little crazy
    look a little spacy
    blowin kisses your way
    will you think i'm ok
    set the sun on fire
    scream a little higher
    hold you in the moonlight
    i say yeah if you say alright

    I might not be special
    not like superman
    but livein and lovin
    well that i super-can
    it's not so complicated
    not reinvent the wheel
    just let me know how you feel


    if you say alright
    then i will say okay
    i will take your hand
    and we can fly away
    we can fly away
    no matter where you go
    you wil always here me say

    ooohy...i say yeah
    uh oh baby alright


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