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    Feel the pearl, necklace, down on me
    suit you sir, and your favorite gt
    men behaving, very badly
    i spit in the handbag, of your mothers best friend, mable.

    Halloween, is very scary
    it is when, the witches and wizards are free
    'cos i never, thought that they would come alive
    on a full moon at night

    why did i hold that monks eyeball?
    why did i shrink when i was tall?
    i must be turning into a leprechaun
    my clothes are as green as the lawn
    and thats why i....


    you have hamsters named reese and trevor
    no, leprechaun's, don't like leather
    but i don't intend to spend my whole life dreaming
    of down on dream street

    i was so wrong for saying frankie galasso
    when i wanted to watch the others on sky
    now that i am seeing dead people
    i'll pause the tape on reese's eyes
    and thats why i...


    best friend, mable
    best friend, mable (feel the pearl)
    best friend, mable (leprechauns)

    why did i start to shrink at night?
    when the full moon was so bright?
    why did i meditate in a shop?
    when i wanted to drink some pop?
    and thats why i....

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