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    The day when the sun turns into black
    I leave behind my land
    For I have a mission sent from god
    So I set out alone, not knowing right from wrong
    To fight the evil one, my heart is made out of stone

    Something soars through the sky
    It's the dragonfly!!!
    So I run like the wind
    This battle I have to win

    We were chasing the the dragon
    We were searching everywhere
    In the chase of the dragon
    Let the gods lead us there
    In the chase of the dragon
    I sacrifice my blood, in the chase of the dragon!!!

    Wizard gazes through the crystal ball
    You're the chosen one
    As dark clouds shade the silver light
    Evil demons whisper in the night
    You wil surely die!!!
    But I have no fear my faith is strong

    I saw my king stabbed by the beast
    Straight through his heart, poisoned his blood
    Living in fear, the only way, the only cure
    To save our lord is to take my sword
    Cross through the land and kill the beast!

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