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    I can't believe you really told me,
    I can't believe you really wanna die.
    Now I'm feeling fucked up again
    And I know I feel the same sometimes.
    So tell me now my friend, what can I say to
    Make you feel something else tonight? I hate
    Myself but I don't want to die. at least not all
    The fucking while now take a look around you,
    We wouldn't be alright. life knocks you down,
    You gotta jump back up got too much to lose,
    Too much on your mind and I'm telling you
    Tonite, please don't die. cuz we wouldn't, no I
    Wouldn't be alright. we've lost so many already,
    No I can't reel that pain again. and I'm
    Telling you right now keep your head up,
    Because it's us against the world.

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