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    I've been looking 'round and this is what i found
    There's not one of us
    Who wants to be somebody else
    We would trade places, even trade faces
    But when it comes to the heart
    We wanna stay true to ourselves

    There's not one of us like the rest of us
    There's no two of us alike
    And that will never change
    All of us know it and all of us show it
    But when it's down to the heart
    I guess all of us are the same

    All of us cry, all of us try to find someone
    Whose love will last forever
    All of us know, all of us are on our own
    It's up to us, to make ourselves feel better
    All of us so alone together

    If it were not for you,
    I don't know what i'd do
    And i just hope we go to heaven when we're gone
    I've heard it's nice up there
    You just sort of walk on air
    And the best part's knowing
    Nobody ever has to walk alone

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