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    I've been here
    And i've been there
    People look at me
    And stare they don't know
    Where i come from

    Well i've seen this
    And i've seen that
    And i don't care where they're at
    My heart's beating like a drum

    All i need to save my soul
    Is a dose of rock 'n' roll


    We're alright
    Rock you all night
    Hey .. rock on

    What goes up
    Ain't never comin' down
    Hey .. rock on

    I've been up
    And i've been down
    I've been all around this town
    People, it's a human wasteland

    I say oh yeah, alright
    Better stick with me tonight
    We'll go to the promised land

    Set me free
    Can't you see
    It's the only way to be


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