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    My heart is ragin'
    My love is waitin'
    To find somebody like you

    The world is changin'
    'cause nothin' means a thing
    But i'm still searchin'...


    Searchin' for a rare diamond
    I've been lookin' for you
    Tryin' to find those deep feelings
    So i can share 'em with you

    And stolen treasures
    Tear me apart
    Every word just breaks my heart

    Looking for love
    It's so hard to find
    And i'm still searchin'

    I wanna get to you
    I wanna share it with you!

    It's hard to believe it
    When i look in your eyes i realize
    Yes i know
    It's hard not to feel it
    I can't break these chains
    Don't wanna lose it again


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