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    Down on your knees i send you
    Crawl on some broken glass
    Barbed wire, heart is waking
    Feeds on the night's demands
    If i fall to the ground in pieces
    I can't work with a safety net
    I can run with the best of storm clouds
    Don't love me, now don't bet

    Take me somewhere, take me nowhere
    Take my love like whiskey straight
    Take me over, take me under
    Take my love like whiskey straight

    Down to the wall of secrets
    Down to the sea of sin
    Only one way to get me going
    Only one way to ever win
    Now i won't stand for crazy stories
    I take words like whiskey straight
    First you'll laugh, then you'll laugh no more, no
    I'm different, your not safe

    What you wanna do
    You wanna take me or what
    What you wanna say
    We feel so hot

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