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    I remember the day we met
    My heart started speeding up
    When you walked in the rehearsal room
    I couldn't help it, fall in love
    It wasn't the way you smiled
    That blew my breath away oh no
    It wasn't anything you said
    It was all in the way you played
    Chorus: Let's rock forever
    Take me up to heaven with that black guitar
    Let's rock together
    Play me that song that'll stir my heart
    Let's rock forever, on 'n' on 'n' on
    Let rock forever live on
    (I like the way you do it)
    Hey baby I'm amplified
    Let me tell you what's on my mind
    Bend the strings inside my heart
    Like the guys in Metallica
    Knock me out with all your tricks
    Cos' I'm in love with your red hot licks
    Keep it goin' in overdrive
    Be the power that'll keep me alive

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