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    So you better wake up
    Pay attention to me
    I need to talk
    And you need to see

    What i've been feeling
    Got so much inside
    You know you've been stealing
    My peace of mind

    You never take the time to listen
    You never take the time to care

    Hear me - i'm talking to you
    Hear me - i wanna tell you the truth
    Hear me, hear me - that's all i want

    Hear me - i'm hurting inside
    Hear me - you better treat me right
    Hear me - you're gonna lose me if you don't

    I'm like anyone else
    I need more than love
    Need to know you're a friend
    Someone i can count on
    Somebody to laugh with
    Someone to cry
    Somebody to live with - not die

    You gotta take the time to listen
    You gotta take the time to care

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