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    You like to play with me
    You drive me wild
    You hurt me really deep
    And i don't know why
    It seems to me that i'm a long
    Long way from home

    I went too far on the road to nowhere
    It's you and me in a living nightmare
    I gave up everything just to stay
    Close to your heart

    You make me haul like the wind
    I don't know how you got under my skin

    Crying, shake it up
    If i cry like a baby
    Does it do it for you
    Crying, ain't enough
    If i cry till forever
    Will i ever get through

    I see the trouble
    And i feel the danger
    Is my heart beating for a heartless stranger

    Just say a word and make me
    See the things i don't understand

    I'm freezing cold
    And its getting colder
    I'm losing hope
    I can't wait no longer
    If i could read your mind
    I wouldn't come around here no more

    You better know that i'm losing my head
    And when i go love will never come back

    Repeat chorus :

    You gotta know that you pushed me to far
    You'll soon know how that feels
    I tell you now: there's only one way out
    My last chance is, i turn it around

    Repeat chorus :

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