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    So here is the ritual

    I can't tell you what i go through
    I've been through heaven and hell for you
    All night, all night long
    Satin dreams all covered in sweat

    When i wake, hot to the touch
    I swear to god, you'll be the death of me yet

    You are my ceremony
    You are my ceremony
    You are my ceremony

    Now here we are, both skin to skin
    Your body sacred, we're about to begin
    All night, all night long
    Watch the moon, let it drop from the sky
    Understand i might draw first blood
    But i won't sting like the rattlesnake's bite

    One day you'll feel it like i do
    A fire deep in the heart so true
    If i take you, understand
    I might explode like a bomb in your hand

    Chorus :

    So what should i say is it the ancient dance of lovers
    Is it the comin' rain
    Or is it the passion of something more strange

    Chorus :

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