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    I just know it i can feel it
    There's something in the air tonight
    Maybe the moon just gave up and fell
    Something's not quite right
    My heart feels so empty
    My mind's so full of doubt
    I should just stay in, and go to bed
    But now i'm stepping out

    Sometimes i feel i was born to love you
    Sometimes i feel i was born to die of need
    I ache at the thought of you - holding another
    I can't shake the feeling that i'm
    Born to bleed

    I just knew it - you're not in here
    And this where you said you'd be
    Talking with your friends, just being yourself
    Well that's the part of you that worries me
    I should stay here, sort of hang out
    But i quit smoking and i hardly drink
    The only bad habit that i've got
    Is dealing with the thoughts i think

    Repeat chorus :

    Home at last - well, there's your car in the driveway
    When i get in that house i'm gonna give you
    A piece of my mind
    You're sound asleep - i might have known it
    Well what's this? you left me a note
    Says you waited up for me, till the sun came up
    Let's see what else you wrote

    Repeat chorus :

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