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    Bad blood, rivers run dry
    Thunder comes and the children cry bad blood
    Never can change, no one here to blame
    Bad blood, older than time
    Followed me down from my fathers tribe
    Bad blood, making me shake
    Running through my veins, bad blood

    Too many questions, so many unanswered times
    Most times the finger points at me
    In my confusion, might slip and cross the line
    I'm not to blame for all you see
    You can't help me it's in my soul
    Pray for mercy, nowhere else to go

    Repeat chorus :

    In my confession, i swear and cross my heart
    I stand before you what i am
    Gunpowder ready, just waiting for a spark
    And those before me understand
    Please protect me, keep me safe
    Heaven help me, save me from this fate

    Repeat chorus :

    Swimming hard and fast
    Against the time
    Lost in a flood
    Of ancient fire

    Repeat chorus :

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