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    Once upon a time
    an exordium
    asceticism formed to haunt human beings
    a flux from the bowels
    flushes pangs away
    to escape from thought
    i'll swallow my tongue
    hebephrenia hypochondria
    personalities multiplied by space
    paranoia and schizophrenia
    stemming from the constriction in my throat
    satan loves you so does jesus christ
    count your blessings
    one head at a time
    they wont respect you in the morning
    i feel the same
    once upon a time
    in a siamese twin anger
    formed a threat to his duplicate
    rising mercury
    mocking mimicry
    unanimity can and will not be
    scissor homicide
    would be suicide
    fever in disguise
    temperatures will rise
    paranoia and schizophrenia
    beginning with an incision in the skin

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