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    Well i hear your on top again
    wet and speading wide for a dead man
    filling your hole with anything you can
    i'll succumb to temptation and take the fruit from the snake
    while i'm cursing the world
    through a prism of hate
    bacause pussy galore is always what you promised me
    you went and tained my kotex fantasy
    wine and friction will nourish misanthropy
    or at least until i get to the pharmacy
    i can't help myself i want it all i want more
    so you can be the martyr and i'll be the whore
    send me down on my knees
    i'll writhe on the floor
    i'm begging you please give me more, give me more
    behind the camera's eye
    is a pervert and a peddler of smut
    where sin is glorified
    in motion pictures staring kaka and vomit

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