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    See you in hell my love,
    under a palm tree,
    sucking from a bamboo straw,
    Patiently waiting for me

    All night and everyday
    I'm in a galaxy far far away
    Reborn unable to die
    I've committed one hundred suicides

    inside an astreiod field,
    alien skies raining stars,
    Sever the lifeline to me

    All night and everyday
    I'm in a galaxy far far away,
    Rebon unable to die,
    I've commited one hundred suicides,
    Inside this violent paradise,
    go waste the day they own you
    Lights camre action rolling
    as the homicidial crows begins to kill

    Abort mission head on collission
    as we swan dive into holy water
    I remember when I was crawling in your skin,
    bathing in your blood
    And everything you are take me to the time
    we walked the long way home
    Through a forest full of wolves,
    where lovers come to die

    What a day to die

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