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    Watching someone die

    There's blood everywhere
    I'm losing my mind
    You erase your memory (you erase your memory)

    Took a drive downtown from ?
    I became sick to my stomache
    I wanted to throw up in the streets
    I picked up that lady in the picture that I was telling you about
    I pushed her into my car, and fucked her
    I killed her
    That bitch didn't know what hit her

    So to fulfill these dark sexual urges,
    you saw the price it takes
    Yes, I acted on a twisted and sadistic fantasy I had ever had
    I began to change
    I had an obsession with ? control over others
    My sexual appetite increased and became violent

    "I have many demons I face every day"
    "Who else lives inside of you?"
    "We haven't met, but he shows up from time to time, and it's almost as if I black out."
    "What happens after you wake up from these blackouts?"
    "The people are dead and I'm covered in blood. Sometimes there's blood in my mouth."
    "Could you have cut or hurt your mouth?"
    "No, it's not my blood. Whoever takes over me has a thirst for blood it seems. And to tell you the truth, I'm beginning to like it myself."
    "? as if ? have become very evil and set out to destroy."
    "I was always easily influneced...
    I was always easily influenced...
    I was always easily influenced...
    I was always easily influenced..."

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