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    Pretty faces pretty hip
    bodies hang to drain and drip
    so submit and let's pretend
    you're not a hollow charlatan
    velcro whores they fill the streets
    infecting everyone they meet
    the hourglass is karmas curse
    each grain of sand is a universe
    laser beams and cattle prods
    sacrifices for the gods
    divinities orgasmic hymns
    will fuck you with prosthetic limbs
    as ulcerations form they know
    they soon will lose fingers and toes
    swollen ends and bloody gauze
    curse us all
    i've watched you suffer
    for so long it seems
    and somehow i look the other way
    i've watched you fall apart
    like my leper friend
    and somehow i look the other way
    an outcast deprived of festal joy
    it seems is here to stay
    my limbless friend will die alone
    a torso of flesh upon the throne
    the cure for clinical depression is a lobotomy

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