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    I am coming,
    I am coming to California to kill you I,
    I am coming,
    I am coming to rape and murder your family you,
    You can try and run,
    But there's nowhere left to hide.
    I will follow the sun as it sets in the west
    It will lead me right to you.

    3000 miles and in L.A.
    I can't wait to see the look on your face
    As I put my gun up to your temple,
    Pull the trigger that sends you back to hell.
    You butchered my art and only to save a dollar,
    Are you ready to die my friend?
    Are you ready to confront the end?

    Like Helter Skelter
    And son of Sam.
    By the days end you'll know who I am.
    I spill your blood on the Hollywood Boulevard.

    I won't rest until your headless.

    You should have known
    I would leave you helpless and alone.
    You were born to be a dead celebrity.

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