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    Eyes Closed So Tight's been so long(oh)
    I find myself still thinkin' about you.
    Do you ever think about me?(ever think about me)
    Check this out girl

    All those nights that we kissed
    All those nights that I miss
    Holding hands as your man for sure
    We were young but secure
    What we had was so pure
    Innocence ever since we spoke

    Why do we fall in love
    When love will only tear us apart
    Back when the world was ours
    Everything was so right(yeah)

    But we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight
    So young and feeling so right
    Never thought that we could do wrong
    Oh we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight
    So young and feeling so right
    I can't believe that those days are gone(Yeah,I miss you baby)

    So much pride as my girl
    Thought I showed you the world
    Memories,you and me,so real(so real)
    Gave my heart and my soul
    Made you sunshine from cold
    All those days,far away from here

    [Repeat Hook]
    [Repeat Chorus]

    I still think about you,hear me out...
    We danced so close, we held on tight(yeah)
    I never knew that love could feel so right
    We danced so slow, we danced all night(aah)
    Assuming that tomorrow would be bright
    We kissed goodnight, you walked on by
    The vision of your shadow caught my eye
    My life stood still, you went inside
    I never got the chance to say my last goodbye(say goodbye)

    [Repeat Chorus x2]

    I still can't believe it(no no)
    After all this time(all this time)
    I'm still missing you
    Damn, some things 'll never change...

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