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    i can't believe that you have gone away
    i tried my very best to make you stay
    all this time i thought
    your love for me was real
    and strong enough
    to keep us holding on together

    it hurts deep inside
    you left me all alone
    why did we have to part
    i can't make it on my own
    but before you truly go away
    just listen to these words i will say
    that my love is here to stay

    my friends have told me go on with my life
    a life that i thought we could have shared
    the fun we used to have
    all the memories and pains
    these feelings not easy to let go and to forget


    I have given all that i have
    to make you realize
    that you are the one in my life
    in my life, in my life


    here to stay...
    that my love is here to stay

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