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    Come on! Fuck-ups! Stand up!
    No more bullshit!! Wake up!! Save your soul!!

    Provoke! Just to fuck up!! Feel stimulation!
    Amuse you! Do I have to be your teacher when I feed you I try to wake you
    Nothing seems to impress you all...

    Sick mind!! What's your kick in life?? With no heart you are part of the
    masked world
    You are victimized!!! Don't you realize? When you follow, you swallow and
    chew off your tongue...
    You got no opinion of your own

    I am Numb, So Immune...
    Get rid of it!!

    Nothing seems to please you, is your middle name MORE and is that what you
    stand for?
    Your skull, so dull, I hate you for still wanting more
    Too much is not enough to you

    Feed your eyes.. Feed your ears.. Feed your mind..

    Get rid of it!!
    Release your fears!!

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