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    All information, all overloaded
    We're all overloaded everyday
    I've got to be on time again
    I've got to bomb that crashes in
    I lost myself that's why I quit

    Information makes me rage
    It's the reason for all my complaints

    Hey: what's your complaint...
    Hey: are you insane...
    Hey: stop your posing
    And your bucking

    Click it!! Man!!

    All one grey race: all think one way
    You all think one way every day
    Do!!! And don't talk back
    Give!!! More than you get
    It's not fair what you took from me

    All my freedom taken from me
    Like I'm a number without a name

    Don't try to push me
    Into your system
    It makes me nervous, it makes me sick
    And rage so deal with it!
    Deal with me! Don't break me! Don't push me in!
    It makes me nervous, click it!!!
    And rage so take my shit

    Click! Rage! Sick! Nervous!
    Deal with me!!!

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