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    I should have never been born
    I'm all that festers in the human womb
    My life's out of season
    Out of space, out of time
    Sires all deranged and unfit
    Influences obscure reveal my path
    Through landscapes bleak and chaotic
    To planes of mythic dreams

    Arrogant world of beings unlike me
    In solitude forever
    Against dreary nights and long days
    Beneath these stars
    Yet still I live
    No one shed tears while I lived
    In this world all alone
    When time chases my black shadow away
    I'll vanish from this place unto another

    I'm more that what I seem
    The gleam in your eyes
    Not the same as my dream
    My motives are forgotten
    Another atom lost in dust
    Overcome genetic code
    Losing sense of innocence
    My trail has vanished

    [Lead: Perry]


    Sought after though all that's dark
    Changed and shunned evermore
    Benign intentions mistaken again.
    Striking fear deep in a heart


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