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    A thought you always feared becomes reality
    What can't be undone is driving you insane
    Reaching for the past to turn back the hands of time
    Retracing steps you've taken a wish that can't be made

    All at once your world crumbles and shatters to the ground
    The hand of fate now takes its place and comes without a sound
    Knowing it was just a mater of time
    How could not see the signs

    You hear a symphony composed of misery
    There's no one else to blame
    Can't change what's taken place
    Feeling the disgrace
    Never seeing things the same

    A polished tombstone, tears from livid eyes
    A taunting crow overlooks this tomb
    I'll rise to heights high above your dying dreams
    Teaching the lessons, the ones you never learned

    You had a choice of paths to walk, a choice of graves to dig
    A burial before its time, this journey ends
    Wasted potential and such bitter lies
    I'm left behind asking "Why?"


    [Leads: Perry, Dan]


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