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    Yo, im staying where we gettin crazy love
    my noisy neighbors live just above me up in 13 A
    the stripper says hes gunna fix the heat for sure, ive heard it 5 times before
    3 locks on every door, cause sum folks got the tendency to take
    it aint beverly hills more like stephanie mills
    i never knew love like this could every exist
    four corners on every shopping list

    when gun shots keep u up instead of heavy snoring, pipes drippin
    the elevators broken, damn man im needin a lift
    thank god i dont stay up on the 25th floor
    yo we aint always at war its alot about the projects
    i do ignore

    but you wouldnt understand it, its like another planet
    you wouldnt understand it, the cops would catch your drawers down red handed its outlanded

    come thru our projects about 4 in the morning
    so i can tell you what  be goin on then
    one block, gun shots, some hot stuff, sell it to you for a buck? boy that aint enuf
    hand cuffs on your brother man
    my wifes wonderin, when you gonna fix the tenants plumbing man
    im tired, this ghettos cool but its on fire
    i see this fool with his crack pipe lookin wired
    hookers for hire, look at the ply wood
    on the building where termits live in
    my wife sleeps peacely, it aint easy for me
    cause im trippin off these ppl with there ?
    black white chicano,hell if i no
    every guy no about the stolen cell phone
    i got the hookup, police got me shook up
    in court, cant even fort, its okay though
    i got the building, the pay though
    but some tenants act like they just say no
    im gettin older in my years, feel me
    ive got a photo worth of fears
    but its cool, we gotta make it better
    dont take my sweater
    yall make my head hurt
    i aint even gunn

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