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    Check it out...1st to bat  steppin' up to the plate is...)  
    I'm the monsta'  
    come on in closa'  
    I'll roast ya'  
    not never worried 'bout competition  
    I can twist men  
    into pretzels  
    my jet skills  can outrun  
    'cause it's fun  
    I'm not done  
    one or even two could even try  
    it's not a even try  
    I'll leave 'em  why  
    did you do it  I'ma school kids and tease 'em and please 'em  
    for the treason  
    that's the reason  
    I'ma squeeze 'em  
    Make 'em tell  
    and make 'em dwell  
    they're not dead  
    I got lead, but I won't use it  
    I'll refuse it  
    'cause they're losin'  
    I'll be merciful  
    I won't hurt the skull, with the hollow tip  
    I'll make sure they follow tips, that I tell 'em  
    I won't spell 'em, out  
    they'll shout, in horror  
    'cause they saw a metamorphis  
    I'ma force kids out the galaxy  
    so now ask me  
    don't try to go around  
    because I know the sound  
    they're not stealthy  
    I'm dope, the opposers - I make sure you chose the straight and narrow  
    prepare though, and be careful  
    "You had your chance, you blew it X3  
    You had your chance..."  
    Now peep this, they forgot  
    and now they gonna rot  
    they didn't know that they could sell a lot, (a lot)  
    of trash  
    'cause it doesn't smash or last  
    they got cash, but now  
    how are you gonna survive  
    because you strive to gamble  
    you're in shambles, and I'm glad  
    I could add flavor  
    I'm the savior, misbehavior can catch hell  
    none can match Del  
    unless they stress, fresh  
    I'm nonetheless and take a guess  
    the one that make 'em go back and tell they crew  
    that Del is true, he tell a new way to say whatever's clever  
    I'm gonna sever  
    necks of those who don't respect the rap legacy  
    because I egg MC's,  
    on the late night  
    they got away writin' clever raps  
    'cause with that bullshit it sounds like they never rapped  
    in they life  
    I got a knife, that is lyrical  
    and Del is causin' fear and still has potential (potential)  
    they didn't learn  
    now the money's gonna burn  
    I yearn to make rap better. . .  
    let's stick together!  
    "You had your chance and you blew it X3  
    You had your chance, you had your chance, you had your chance,  
    blew it!"  
    [Del, tha funkee homosapien, from Hieroglyphics] (Repeated

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