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    I writes rhymes for rehearsal  
    but first chill  
    I gotta little story to tell ya  
    how I almost caught a  
    bad one  
    add one to the list of 2 000 and 1  
    stupid things to do  
    I had crew when they stepped at a party  
    hardly even known I own a Smith & Wesson  
    but it's resting at home  
    in a shoe box  
    they see crews jock  
    so they wanna step and test the rep I got  
    I said 'Wait a second  
    check inside my coat for a shank'  
    they must be imagining that I'm money in the bank  
    they'll get spanked  
    cause I'm not the nigga  
    I got bigga brothers waiting in the bushes  
    to mush kids  
    I talk when I wanna talk  
    never silence  
    violence erupts when I clown ya  
    catch a beat down ya  
    cause I never back away from niggas  
    even if you gotta pistol  
    I dare ya pull the trigga  
    but that's suicide  
    either you must die  
    or I must  
    so why bust me  
    cause I'm guilty  
    of being in the wrong place  
    at the wrong time  
    comin' at ya in the wrong state of mind  
    I'm now in a hurry  
    a pow when a flurry  
    of bullets come speeding by  
    I needn't die  
    I gotta make tracks & take back my words  
    I eat 'em  
    cause everybody knows I didn't beat 'em...  
    "Being in the wrong place at the wrong time"  
    I'm out on the town  
    I don't frown at people  
    cause they tend to get offended  
    and then the heat will  
    be on my ass  
    I got class  
    never out of line, cause  
    I'm standing here without a nine  
    pistols I wish will not blast me  
    TAZ be circlin' corners  
    lookin' for Warners  
    you know the Brothers  
    me & you  
    we didn't do shit  
    but we get hassled  
    because we crew & we rollin'  
    this is my car  
    it isn't stollen  
    I hope you catch a slug  
    straight in your colon  
    when ya walkin' the beat  
    I bet ya gotta sheet hangin' up in ya closet  
    phuck this law shit  
    but there is two laws to follow, you know  
    there is laws of the city  
    and there's laws of the ghetto  
    I go to clubs with a smile on my face  
    just in case niggas look & wanna whyle in the place  
    cause of jealousy  
    Del is me  
    only me  
    niggas walkin' in poppin' shit  
    that's who the phonies be  
    peep it one night  
    and you'll see it it's quite clear  
    since we all know now  
    that's why we're  
    never in the wrong place @ the wrong time!  
    Damn, I hate cops!  
    I need to bust they chops  
    always gettin' props for the niggas they pop  
    I smoke weed  
    get weeded  
    cause I need it to calm my nerves before a pig get bleeded  
    I got busted for less than a gram of hash  
    they wanna cram my ass  
    in the slammer  
    that punk po-po  
    bringin' back hash from Amsterdam is a no-no  
    I didn't know they would catch me  
    punk mutt fetch me  
    stretched me out at Customs  
    gotta bust 'em  
    I can't call it  
    they found it in my wallet  
    now Customs got me  
    and I just can't stall it  
    I wish they would leave me alone  
    dog lookin' at me like  
    feed me a bone  
    he might bite me  
    very likely  
    they had to strike me with a fine or time  
    I said fine  
    mines was 500 bones  
    for a gram of hash  
    my mind was blown  
    come back to Michigan  
    so we can pitch again  
    federal offense  
    now I better go & convince the judge...  

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