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    Featuring Unicron]  
    Who is the two like the Blues Brothers?  
    Yeah  who does it?  
    Me & you kid  
    we bruise dozens  
    & hundreds of kids  
    havin' fun with the wiz  
    that's me and  
    Unicron  the inhuman on the mic  
    Yikes! (Zoinks!)  
    Lazer zaps saps who can't rap  
    they sound like beginners  
    I slam then I pin ya  
    send ya to the hospital  
    I gots the flow  
    no nigga dare step  
    you'll get your hair swept  
    off the floor when I clip ya  
    button ya lip ya  
    even if the record skips  
    I still rip (Damn that nigga still rips!)  
    total rivers  
    equip ya punk posse  
    ya got lots to see  
    days to come  
    before you raise from dumb to smarter  
    rippin' apart a poser  
    bend 'em  
    inside out, like Yoga  
    I'm a nice person on the inside  
    but men hide  
    when you and your friend die  
    but a hand to the strangler  
    the pity hotter chopper  
    and we oughtta pop ya  
    and crop ya  
    cause we're sick of that shit (Sick of it!)  
    I'm about to have a fit  
    & split ya head  
    & kick ya bitch, in the tits  
    they're tender  
    mixin' niggas brains like a blender  
    I kick rhymes like these to inja  
    and end ya  
    off ya  
    never comin' softer  
    this is not the best I can offer  
    I'ma save some for later  
    you ain't greater  
    than the man  
    with a plan  
    and the brand that his name  
    and I hate ya.  
    I'm the youngsta  
    with the swift tongue,  
    and the kid that lives up the street  
    over Jon's beat  
    I make rappers eat turds and hay  
    it doesn't matter what version you play  
    I will still slay  
    a crowd a rhymers  
    and Del how'd I find ya?  
    That one summer years ago I shoulda signed ya.  

    Just a quick reminder  
    for those who find a  
    problem with me  
    I'll put you on noid like a T & T timer  
    and there's only 20 seconds  
    now I'm 16  
    and yes fiend to wreck shit  
    I throw temper tantrums  
    that's my anthem  
    I'm not very big  
    but you phuck with me, you'll be like Jerry's kids  
    phucked up, & that's tough luck  
    Unicron has never backed down from a tough phuck  
    that's what lubricated Trojans are for  
    cause I know, when the corn hits the tip  
    I got the dip  
    flip & they suckin' on my nipples  
    and I will have a fut, too  
    cause I get excited when I ride it  
    fun while it lasted  
    Cas, did you like  
    when I did a song, back in the day with the Del-a-ray? (That's me!)  
    Get a patna  
    I'm glad you got the chance  
    to enhance the Jive roster  
    I'm a foster kid  
    but Del hooked me  
    now I look free when I'm out,  
    Del: And I'm out...  

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