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    After a bunch of P Funk  Del kicks one verse]  
    I've returned from the meadow with a fellow named X  
    two turntables and a spark upon his set  
    wet behind the ears from the tears of my peers  
    rap is outta control that's what we fear  
    so we collapse any actual threats  
    with the new batch of catchy little quirks  
    and it works like a charm as I bomb and alarm  
    any listeners  
    coming through crisper  
    on your transistors  
    so we can eliminate the frauds  
    filled with pride as the audience applauds  
    might sound odd to the average Joe Schmoe  
    the new school passed ya ass like Flo Jo  
    me and CM-PX both construct  
    like Kid Creole and the Coconuts  
    as we drop the bomb with a blast  
    and now all the natives ask...  
    [Chorus: "What is a booty and how do I know if I'm shaking it?.

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