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    "A problem? Yeah I got a problem.  
    Cause. . . I been waitin for how  
    long for this shit to come out?  
    Now this the tricks and treats shit  ya know?  
    Now all y'all motherphukkers that listen to it  
    and I'm sick and tired of  
    this shit  because...  
    all you wack motherphukkers keep comin out with records!  
    And guess what I'm about to do?  
    Guess what I'm 'bout to do?!  
    I'm 'bout to catch you out there. . .  
    and chopyourmotherphukkinheadoff!!!"  
    Who's the jester?  
    Under pressure?  
    Not me!  
    I hate emcees a lot, flee  
    I'll tape your mouth closed  
    Dispose of your flows  
    The ones that you chose  
    Don't compare  
    Where is your other shit?  
    When I discover it  
    I'm shovin that shit  
    Right back in your mouth,  
    And start with another kick  
    Good riddance  
    Suds of blood like the Red Sea splashes  
    When I smash kids  
    Ashes and cremations  
    We wait in  
    The torture chamber  
    Of course you blame a  
    Brother like Del for murder  
    Word up, on a mission  
    It's in my heart  
    Rippin fools apart  
    You dart and dash  
    But I'll remove your heart fast  
    With my bare hands  
    Stashed it into their plans  
    I'd like to see it pulsate in my palm  
    Squeeze it, squish it  
    Eat it with a biscuit  
    For breakfast  
    You're next if  
    You step with  
    Your bright ideas  
    I might apply years  
    Of rhymin  
    Til the time when  
    I blind men  
    With a flash of light  
    I'll blast you right  
    In the corneas  
    I'm warnin ya's  
    So take heed to that  
    Before you bleed, in fact  
    I'm keepin niggaz outta my head  
    Outta my head  
    they bled  
    They dead,  
    call the Feds  
    [Chorus (4x):]  
    "This is how you're treated (this is how you're treated)  
    When my rhyme's completed  
    Niggaz get defeated (defeated!)"  
    I wanna push and shove  
    Take off the kid gloves  
    Tearin the terrorist  
    Where a fist  
    Holds a dagger  
    Stick it in your stomach and drag your  
    Insides across the ground  
    Get 'em at the lost and found  
    At the police station  
    I'm patient  
    I won't get you yet  
    So no sweat  
    You're no threat  
    I bet I can belt your brain  
    When my scalpel felt your brain  
    You convulsed  
    No pulse  
    We lost him  
    Cost him his life  
    Phukkin around  
    It's too easy to buck 'em down  
    Let 'em drown  
    Face down in a toilet  
    Take his brain and boil it  
    Watchin who I tell cuz they'll spoil it  
    They might reveal  
    My anger is real  
    Keep your lips sealed  
    Or yo might be the next to keel over  
    or Murderous  
    Refer to us  
    When you feel the need  
    To bleed your chicken feed  
    Yeah, plead for mercy  
    Before I burst free  
    I'm blood thirsty  
    When it comes to who disturbs me  
    I make your life complicated  
    Emcees get ground and grated  
    While they waited  
    In the lobby  
    It's my hobby  
    It'll prob'ly be me  
    Who sees your knees  
    Phuk you  
    And your duck crew  
    I'ma pluck you from safety  
    When I break free  
    [CHORUS (4x

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