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    [ VERSE 1 ]

    They say that nice guys finish last, but I'm the leader

    Drinkin liters of Seagrams with the heathens

    Misbehave and break the buzz, fuck the shavings

    Collectin scratch for my savings before the day ends

    Cravings for music, collaborate at a rate

    Faster than the speed of sound to go thataway

    No replicas, step to us, I guess the job was left to us

    To kick the phonics that kept you buzzed

    And perkin, workin words, distributin herbs

    To niggas livin in 'burbs cause they too petro

    To come to the ghetto

    Mind you, all we do is find you, wave and gave you a sack

    Come back but watch 50, they try to lift me

    Off the tracks but we ain't offerin crack, just bomb

    No need for alarm or bad karma, but arm yourself

    Move in stealth, wealth is accumulated

    Pockets are aluminated

    I make the shit I think hit even though some assume you hate it

    I pass judgment when the fuzz lit, take a shit

    Just another skit comin from the pit of Babylon

    But powerful like Alvatron

    From the Decepticons

    Music is magical like a leprechaun

    Kept you on point in many different sectors

    On Elektra, make you remember Medgar Evers and James Evers

    My skills sent from the heavens

    I wish they sold Maddog at 7-11

    I remember when niggas wore Thriller jackets

    And Starter jackets and harder tactics

    Had been adopted and most of y'all mocked it

    But put a sock in it (* gagging sound *) for a minute

    I provide the funk and y'all rock with it

    As I spit it, admit it, oh shit

    [ CHORUS ]

    It's Del the Funky Homosapien

    Goin from town to town to town and just makin friends

    Reach out and shaking hands

    With the public and they love it

    [ VERSE 2 ]

    No technical difficulties or faultiness, you salt me with

    That plain-Jane-no-game-insane-to-the-brain

    Don't need cocaine fuckin with the A

    The A-Pluster plus the A from way back in the day

    For mind expansion enhancing thoughts

    I'm raw with savagery, the majesty of all in vision

    Wait, but isn't this a good way to start?

    Developin art to cart scrill to kill Satan

    Plans for gettin Daytons are past tense

    Stack ends so I won't be a has-been (You know it)

    The question you been askin: Is Del that masked man?

    Rollin through our cities just rippin major venues

    Like Whitney Houston like when I went to Houston

    My father is from Texas, so next bust a rhyme for times

    I felt it was no hope, but no factors you formulate

    Made me foster hatred and made me wanna make it

    When I'm in the Bay niggas say (Del, how you doin, man?)

    I ain't no rap star that act hard, can't speak

    I leak lyrics, freak lyrics, secrete lyrics

    From my spirits

    Tyranny for all who hear of me

    Bomb in a bong, my feet in a thong

    On a beach with a biatch named Bonbon

    Called her on the Intercong, enter John Owens

    Better known as Casual to y'all not knowin

    About flowin, cause your rhymes are all stolen

    Another dip on the strip cause task force patrollin

    But rollin blunts too fat to measure

    Mexico's national treasure for pleasure

    Resurrect tracks like this from my childhood

    Before it was such a wild hood

    Knock on wood

    [ CHORUS ]

    [ VERSE 3 ]

    My beats are meaty

    Let's call a peace treaty

    And stick to it

    I'm quick to do it, are you?

    So much funk you can't kick it with my crew

    Other than when it's time to get blue?

    (Shame on you)

    I want me a girl that's intelligent

    Doin shit and ain't too belligerent

    Picture it, chillin backyard barbecue

    Not trippin off what niggas are to you

    Jealousy, well let's see

    It's a lot of that in Oakland

    It started when niggas started smokin

    And snortin hop, fuck pop

    I want the melodies

    But not the weak topics you are selling me

    Del is free of confinements

    My mind bendin fragile and frazzled

    I choose to stay underground like Fraggles

    In battles I'm sure to win

    While you smoke bud I drink gin

    It sinks in while everyone else act on it

    I macked on it but not too far from redrum

    Don't push me, I'm not a pussy

    I wish we could gather at a function, drink some lager

    And just bust hymns of funk and flav

    Cause the slaves that are our ancestors

    Would feel blessed if we did that

    Before we hear rap

    Now it's American children syntax

    Ever since it been on wax

    And that's the facts, believe it, don't mislead it

    And don't do the shit if you don't need it

    And that's real, you might not be but I am

    The truth's gonna slap you in the face, so why scam?

    [ CHORUS ]

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