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    I'm chocolate like a bar  but my name is not Roseanne
    My skin has a pigment  reminiscent of a tan
    I plan to grow dreads  but first a nappy 'fro
    The longer the hair  the easier to scare a foe
    It grows from my head til it covers up my face
    People look and stare when I walk into the place
    I grace the stage  I hates the age of charletons
    Now I feel the time has come for me to spar with'em
    Startin' with a swift up kick and an uppercut (Ouch!)
    Plus the funky beat that moves your torso and your upper butt
    Then I manipulate the spectators and I drop a real rhyme
    for the times are a-changin'
    I rearrange my style like a jigsaw
    People jock the styles and the rhymes 'cause it is raw
    Walkin' through the streets of Berkley where I lurk free
    Brothers try to jerk me to the side and try to hurt me
    But perky little devils only get to levels lower than
    the grower of the cannibus plants and I dismantle the stance
    that ya take, 'cause I ache the ear canals
    Many try to flex my neck, but fear the child, so yep

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