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    It's time for me  
    I never rhyme for free  
    at least pay attention  
    you know  let your mind be free  
    I think by now everyone knows  
    my funk flows will ease the pain  
    because MCs we brain  
    make 'em nervous  
    here for your service  
    infer this  
    clear to any rapper that is wacka  
    I'll slap ya  
    I talk shit that's amazin'  
    the days spent  
    inside my crib producin' had me boostin' my confidence  
    now I will stomp some sense  
    into those numbskulls  
    I leave 'em dumb-dull  
    I thank you the listener  
    cause if it was up to me  
    if yall was girls  
    I'd be kissin' ya  
    and the brothers get phat pounds  
    and goin' round is phat pounds of indo  
    no brown  
    I puff sess at the rest  
    unless they have the bomb beta  
    and now my mom made a turnaround  
    she wasn't concerned & clowned  
    now I get ends & my job is not pretend,  
    "It doesn't phaze, I amaze wit my phrases, play this in your Jeep, so  
    your neighbors lose some sleep (I wanna thank you)..."  
    I wanna thank you  
    cause my dank grew & flourished  
    nourished ny hunger  
    sure, it's me indulgin'  
    never will I bullshit some other finna frame  
    if you're a beginner here's my name  
    DeL! myster, ya shyster  
    I'll heist your jewels & tolls & leave ya fooled  
    I never get soot  
    my ends that I got last year will probably still get resooped  
    I know yall're sick'n tired of these weakassniggas makin' records  
    so just check what I delivers  
    I send shivers down ya spine  
    I'm incline to bind and put together clever conversation  
    cause I'm dope without the leather  
    whether or not, my spot is never taken  
    or forever breakin' on new rhymers  
    they flock around, wanna be down & two timers  
    I will design a flow that will remind ya  
    dumbasshoes and a path go  
    go to a spot where I know that the grass's sold,  
    "I love to roll a fat stogie, if you're out there you can roll one  
    listen only ( I wanna thank you, peace

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