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    Yeah...I'm gonna take it light...Yeah...D E L in the house...funky  
    funky  funky lyrics...check this out)  
    I contemplate a rhythm with a hunch  
    swing and give a punch and put a fraud out to lunch  
    and scrunch up your rap book pages  eat 'em like it's licorice  
    snatch your gold chains  steal your gold fronts and return 'em to the  
    of the motherland  
    and ride a rhinoceros back to the other land  
    so I can show a foe who is the prototype  
    and then go toe to toe and if the rhythm is hype  
    I take it on my journeys to the mystic place  
    so I can dis the facial value of your ballyhoo  
    see, my style is rather passive but I can get aggressive  
    brothers get done when they try to be impressive  
    'cause I do not impress easily  
    D-E-L is eager to be  
    the founder of the fragrance  
    and watch the vagrants  
    scatter like rats in the sewer as we do 'em like two secret agents  
    in the region of the forest where the march hare dwells  
    I sit and write scriptures by the old wishin' well  
    collect all my notes and sail a boat back to Berkeley  
    tries fill my vibe 'cause my style is rather earthly  
    some say it's wack but I ain't tryin' to hear it  
    as long as what I do contains my soul and my spirit  
    it's cool, I use this as a rule of thumb  
    I take a dip into the pool of radiance until the fool was done  
    slidin' on the floor like a fat ignoramus  
    ya sold 8 million but ya still don't entertain us  
    'cause you're fraudulent, I have no time for a jester  
    go take your place beside Uncle Fester  
    'cause you are an uncle too, you are an Uncle Tom  
    and D-E-L and Hieroglyphics gonna drop the bomb  
    (Yeah...under the sun, under the sun, under the sun...we gonna take it  
    light) X3  
    D-E-L, the 18 year old dwella of the meadow  
    is showin' it hell beats livin' in the ghetto  
    things are peaceful and everything's settle  
    with a good night's snooze on a bed of rose petals  
    I wake up in the morning feelin' happy and refreshed  
    before I make my journeys I must eat and get dressed  
    a pair of blue jeans and a shirt with greenish hues  
    greener than the grass that was caught between my shoes  
    when I trample through the forest with my brother CM-PX  
    the kinky haired nubian there with a human  
    my hair gets notty without the proper groomin'  
    the whole metamorphis resembles flowers bloomin'  
    in the shadows, deep within the trenches of the sea  
    free as Leah, a head of hair like a tree  
    'cause I'm a love child, follow me now children  
    'cause I'm a love child, I love to see the children smile  
    at my answers, foes get frantic and nervous and panic  
    even as I venture past the planet called Earth  
    born from the womb of the nebula  
    deeper in the meadow where my actions are irregula'  
    I bug out and tell my maid to take the rug out  
    and dust it, and proceed to throw the thugs out of the pasture  
    as I recline on a hippo  
    wipe the funky speech and watch my profits seem to triple and  
    teachin' all the pupils proper scruples in the meadow  
    [CHORUS: "(Yeah...under the sun, under the sun, under the sun...we  
    take it light) X4"  
    "(How ya doin'?, How ya livin'?, in the meadow, in the meadow...hey,  
    feelin'?, How ya doin'?...hey...ah yeah.

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