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    [Del The Funky Homosapien]

    Check it out

    It's a revolution in you head I'm boastin'

    Like I read the future

    My execution

    Used as a stimulate to get you into it

    Show you my sentiments

    Mental leasing the flicks

    Don't hate, Facilitate

    Whenever you get the break

    It's always a risk you take

    Doin' a different take

    Big mistake rappers make

    The cake

    They want it now

    So they copy whose the hottest now they soundin' funny style

    I know you hungry pal, me too

    I need food

    But I don't redo what he do

    I'm lethal

    Like ginseng root

    Go ahead, attempt to shot


    It's flawless like a dentist' tooth

    Oblivious to all this ignorance

    They need to get a grip

    Don't be an idiot

    In a high state, I transmigrate

    To a fly tat

    Make you wanna get cha life straight

    I'ma introduce the places that I ventured to

    I get cha proof of a Hip Hop institute

    It's the truth

    I'm just being hospitable

    Sittin' bull

    The chief I seek the hidden jewels

    Some just complain about the status of rap

    They say it's average in fact

    They wish the eighties was back

    I say everything's everything

    Nothin' stay the same

    And yet, it is the same just given a different name

    Money's all that matter to you, you sniffin' 'cane

    You need to uplift you brain, forget the fame

    You say you get power, if you get money

    How you get those if you just a dummy


    Just stay on your toes man

    In this world that's just how it goes man

    In Oak-land, gotta get with the program

    With flows I wanna control the whole land

    You just gotta stay on your toes man

    In this world that's just how it goes man

    In Oak-land, gotta get with the program

    With flows I wanna control the whole land

    And keep growin'


    Nowadays I hear the same crap

    Complain rap is trendy not to give anybody with a name dap

    When did that start

    It sound childish

    You went to college but I think you need some extra mileage

    Underground cats disrespect who that don't listen to (Yeah!)

    If you looked at my CD rack they'd (you'll) probably diss me to

    That's so weak

    Don't speak when a niggarole creep

    Or I'm finna go deep

    I heard a MC in a cipher straight lyin'

    Damn the cryin', talkin' bout real Hip-Hop's dyin'

    That's some dumb shit

    That's what I was thinkin' (Uh-huh)

    But I didn't say nothin' to him cause I knew that I been drinkin'

    He must be blind as hell

    Hip-Hop is alive and well

    He ain't got the mind to tell

    I rhyme with Del

    Drink Guiness combined with Ale

    Never been inclined to fail, applyin' the skill

    I be tryin' to build with the close-minded

    But they so blinded I get upset and they get clothes-lined

    Don't hate on nobody

    Stay on your toes

    Even if he got platinum or gold on him

    Stay on your toes

    Underground to Commercial cat

    Stay on your toes

    I know them or I ain't heard of that

    Stay on your toes

    From backpacks and licorice sticks

    To black macs with ammunition and clips

    Man I can get with this shit

    Yeah, it's all the same

    Some of y'all call it game

    Say it's either for the props or the fame and all the change (What!)

    Use what you call your brain (Ha!)

    The whole aim

    Home on the range

    Just stay out my lane


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