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    It seems nowadays friends step to me bogus  
    and end up on my couch at night without notice  
    it's cool to have a friend over every now and then  
    but I gotta have my space  
    and I don't wanna see their face  
    like every single day of the week  
    talk is cheap  
    you betta find yourself another place to sleep  
    it ain't my fault that ya moms got fed up  
    and now you wanna come to my crib and wet my bed up  
    you better find a job so you can get an apartment  
    and you can save your crocodile tears  
    don't even start  
    with the sob stories  
    I got enough from the other seven brothas  
    in the den playin' Genesis  
    damn I can't win at this  
    seems like I'm gonna have to flip  
    and tell those other brothas  
    that they're gonna have to skip  
    I've had it up to here with these lazy cats  
    sleepin' on my couch and I'm tired of that  
    People come to my house  
    and kinda wonder where the squadron's at  
    they're not gone  
    they're just down at the laundrymat  
    because they wear the same pairs of clothing  
    I'm taking up crazy patience just holding  
    my temper  
    I'm about to start charging rent for  
    every single brother  
    that kicked it with my mother eating biscuits  
    on Saturday morning like a family  
    the minute they step  
    it's like moms is crazy mad at me  
    'cause they're in my mother's room watching television  
    I feel like giving 'em the boot  
    and say the hell with 'em  
    but if I give 'em the boot  
    I'm not a friend though  
    even though my room  
    smells like dime bags of indo but  
    I can't pretend like I haven't been peepin' it  
    even mom knows that my brothas been sleepin'  
    on my couch for weeks  
    so your speeches fall flat  
    sleepin' on my couch and I'm tired of that  
    Maybe this was just my upbringing perhaps  
    but I was taught that I shouldn't  
    take seven day naps  
    at other brothas' cribs like I don't have a home  
    brothas on my couch so much there's like foam  
    coming out the seams  
    and a pair of jeans is missing from my closet  
    I wonder why I even bother being friendly  
    they're running my ass like the Indy 5000  
    they went and wrinkled my mother's blouse  
    when they snuck downstairs  
    for a midnight snack  
    and ate the last slice of bread  
    and a box of apple jacks  
    then they hit the sack  
    with the stereo blastin'  
    and even little Tyson is fed up  
    so I'm askin'  
    you all to jet  
    before I get upset  
    and throw each and every one  
    of you bums out on your back  
    my house is a mess  
    so step ya little pest  
    who was sleepin' on my couch 'cause I'm tired of that  

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