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    "Time is too expensive"
    Too expensive, it's too expensive
    Too expensive, you know what?
    Time is of the essence
    Whacha say now?Whacha say, whacha say now?
    You know what?Time is of the essence

    My vast knowledge of rhyme is past college
    Blast, demolish, polish off all enemies
    I can't fall in this rap game, I got acrophobia
    Plus half these rappers out here are fuckin dead like necrophilia
    You know the thing, chocolate like Ovaltine
    Comin down on the mic like eggs from ovaries
    Monarchal metaphor, malevolent with settlements
    Maniacal when Hiero flow, unstoppable and chock full
    of funk the freak, so fuck the foreplay
    Del has been ordained to terrorize your brain
    The diagnosis, the show business bogus
    My lyrics lash out, like I was throwin stones in a glass house
    Rappers pass out, ass out
    And anyone left on the scene who has doubts
    Y'all fools ain't got no nuts I'm doin donuts
    Slow up whoever show up, I'm too robust
    So what? I'm invincible invisible lyrics
    Original origin unknown from here on in
    Uncommon dominating hip hop
    Permiating every portal with mortals
    More flows Heaven scent, microphone etiquette
    And lyrics up for your goblin and kill the novice
    I write bad subjects like the Hobbit
    And on to the next phase before you try to rob it
    You know, D-E-L, yeah!


    Supreme MC's reach out when I'm on top
    Catch altitude sickness not to use fitness
    In front of witnesses get with this fetch the funk
    While I test the skunk, see I will caress the blunt
    Come step through the flames of Hades or remain a lady
    Rhymes infectious as rabies -- Deltron, hell on earth
    Prevailing curtailing, you're shattered with data
    Directed, my method, hectic, try and dissect it
    Next shit, hydrauling we're calling you out
    I rap with accuracy - I'm sick of fools actin
    like they blacker than me - y' know, usually bourgeoi'
    We a new breed of MC remedy
    For inner street jerks who wanna flirt with our sound
    but ain't really down, silly clowns Barnum and Bailey rejects
    Press eject on defects (yeah)
    These threats delivered signed and sealed by the Delmeister
    German for master, burnin the blasphemous
    Whatever you ask of us gets fullfilled
    Non-linear, you couldn't find a flow friendlier
    Or even similar with beats that knock
    Those who cock block transport 'em to the chop shop
    Operation X cause we often facin death
    And fake ass players are lost and wastin breath


    Lyrical master, turnin mic sessions to disaster areas
    I'll wax your derriere
    Disable MC's with fatal degrees and flows
    Flamboyant flamin fools like mesquite, let's eat
    These barbeques are for you
    Were are the few the proud the Hieroglyphics
    Microphone moguls with code words and hand signals
    For negros, spanish for black
    I'll vanish your raps, at the borderline
    Where you can order rhymes
    Never monochromatic, y'all know the habits of Del
    Talented, creating lyrical Gallaghers
    Highest caliber, hip hop puritan
    Throw my voice like Surrican, or ventriloquists
    Until it sit in your cerebrum, I need them
    Through the medium of music, too sick
    The ratio is glaciar, Gigantor
    My flow is lighter fluid, you'll need a higher druid
    Magicians and Mages, superb my primal rage is
    My styles all over the place, disease contagious
    And treacherous (what?) like Mussolini (uh-huh)
    but cooler than Fonzarelli eating fussilli
    With roots in hip-hop goin back to Whodini
    Who see me, no eyes, your style is corny like bow ties
    No fries, keep that shake for a keep sake
    As well as patened Del hysteria
    Malaria area, 88 bait for bitin MC's
    They're bitin to see, see that's like a likin disease
    My time is up, I take my mic and I leave

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