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    "The same ol' thing (all over the world)  
    The same ol' thing (got to get 'em wit it)  
    The same ol' thing (MCs out there got)  
    The same ol' thing (so let me tell ya bout it) "  
    MCs keep comin' with the same ol' thing  
    with the same ol' swing  
    with the same ol' ending  
    the same ol' climax  
    cause many have no vertebrae  
    yo  but D E L & HIEROGLYPHICS have to murder a  
    fraudulent foe real quick  
    and get them off of our dicks  
    show the public that they ass ain't slick  
    they lack skills  
    and they can only thrill ya by dance steps  
    I coulda iced Vanilla, but I haven't got the chance yet  
    but that's ok  
    cause he was dissed on Soul Train  
    he got booed because his rhymes are so lame  
    he ain't the only one  
    he's far from it  
    there's more on Earth  
    and they're all gonna plummet  
    like falling stars  
    because a brother's in charge  
    I'ma stomp mud holes in they ass like they was El DeBarge  
    then charge to the front of the class  
    suckers everywhere like broken glass, yo  
    but I'ma keep troopin' through the Meadow with the fellow named X  
    and a pillow  
    to sock the pussy willows  
    while I get dough as I grow as a rhymer  
    and they can keep showin' their teeth like Aunt Jemima  
    it's the same ol' thing...  
    ...and it's gettin' kinda ancient,  
    I'm in your face with force  
    to eliminate monotonous  
    braggin' & boastin' so most will end up profitless  
    cause they ain't got a foot to stand on  
    and I'ma leave the stage bloodier than a Tampon  
    I can't get no rest  
    because of gamin' little pests  
    will step & try to test me with the same ol' thing  
    I wish it would stop  
    but more than likely it will not  
    cause too many MCs got the same ol' thing  
    so I change & rearange rhyme patterens  
    keep ya mind scatterin'  
    from the solar system  
    and I still dissed 'em  
    the ones with the CRUMBS on they lips  
    talkin' about Sucka MCs that don't exist  
    and I get the gist  
    so don't play me like a imbecile  
    thinkin' that ya large  
    but ya small as a thimble  
    plus I get mantal over funky tracks  
    and ya still talkin' Sucka MCs?  
    That shit is wack  
    if I ever dissed an MC  
    it was one with a name  
    so don't tell me he was one in the same  
    because I know better  
    I flow better than the average Joe  
    I use my nubian stick to overthrow that same ol' thing...  
    MCs out there got the same ol' thing  
    got the sameol' game  
    and trip, some got the same ol' name  
    like Rockmaster This  
    Mighty Kingathat  
    who died & left you the Wolfman, Jack?  
    But the Boogiemen are irregular  
    spactacular, dracula  
    and plus we're gettin' clever  
    I never had the urge to ass a tag to my title  
    and I won't add a (rah!) or a (huh!) at the end of my recital  
    hip hop hibbit  
    I never say a rhyme like that  
    cause I can take my time & give it  
    thought, so I went & bought  
    a pen & pad  
    now I'm makin' MCs real mad  
    like Young MC  
    goin' out like Sugar Hill  
    add a new beat  
    new rhyme (huh!)  
    bogus still  
    and even if we are in the same gang  
    it ain't no need  
    for all MCs to have the same ol' thing...  
    ...and it's gettin' mighty ancient

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